What We Do

Consult with fund sponsors at the outset of fund formation regarding financing strategy.
Present matrix of qualitative and quantitative terms to fund sponsors for ease of lender comparison.
Streamline facility documentation, thereby reducing transaction execution costs and duration.
Efficiently obtain the best terms, at best price point, on all types of financing for fund sponsors.
Our deep market knowledge and experience maximizes negotiating leverage, yielding correlative economic benefits, all the while enhancing bank / fund sponsor relationships throughout the market.

Fund Financing Products / Asset Management Expertise

Proven ability to arrange the widest range of fund financing products and offer innovative asset management solutions.

  • Clean Up Capitalization
  • Subscription / Capital Call Credit Facilities
  • Management Fee Credit Lines
  • General Partner Credit Lines
  • Fixed Income Offerings / Private Placements
  • Hybrid Financing
  • Bespoke Fund Solutions
  • Convertible and Rights Offerings
  • PE Secondaries Financing
  • Structured Finance / Securitization 
  • Fund Solutions
  • Derivative Financing
  • NAV / Asset Based Credit Facilities