Fund Finance Partners is led by a team of finance and asset management professionals dedicated to the innovation and growth of debt capital solutions for private and public fund sponsors. Our partners have overseen numerous types of fund finance products, spanning various fund sponsors, asset managers, investors, investment strategies, lenders and types of collateral. Our clients’ success is based upon our partners having cultivated meaningful, principled relationships within the asset management, lending and capital markets ecosystem, dating back to the infancy of the fund finance market in the early 2000s. LEARN MORE


FFP is a trusted partner and advisor to alternative asset managers seeking to optimize their funds’ capital structures. We efficiently obtain the best terms and pricing for all types of fund financing solutions, for all types of alternative asset managers. LEARN MORE

SAVE time and money by leveraging
our experience and network

An efficient and effective financing process demands a confident understanding of the entire marketplace. We’ve worked with every lender in the space and even designed some of their underwriting criteria.  We’ve installed every product and even invented a few of them.  You know your investment strategy.  We know how to design, negotiate and install the optimal financing solution for your fund’s investment strategy.

We save you time by locating the best capital sources, drafting and negotiating term sheets with competitive lenders through a curated auction process.  We review and improve all definitive agreements and coordinate seamlessly among attorneys and the lender, ensuring you execute on time, every time.

Obtain the best terms for
your investment strategy

FFP has the knowledge and experience necessary to identify and negotiate the best terms, pricing and outcomes for your fund, management company and even portfolio companies or investments.

Our partners have collectively negotiated over 1,000 fund financings.  FFP knows how to obtain the best terms.

We understand how important credit facility availability is, particularly toward the end of the fund’s commitment and investment periods.  Borrowing base preservation is just one of our specialties. 

We negotiate flexible covenants and mitigate possible events of default by leveraging the underwriting strengths of your fund and platform, making sure your facility will be available when it is most needed.

Improve profitability and
reduce expenses

Most fund sponsors rely on their existing lending and attorney relationships to finance their funds.  We drive competitive innovation among the universe of lenders. 

We’ve been on all sides of the transaction.  We know each lender’s asset class, collateral and manager preferences.  We know their pressure points when it comes to underwriting, covenants, pricing and post-closing obligations.

We are also familiar with advantages and disadvantages of particular law firms in this space.  We manage lender and fund counsel, ensuring they remain focused and on budget.

Finally, we streamline day-to-day and post-closing deliverables to reduce remaining administrative and economic burdens on the fund sponsor’s management team.

Our deep market knowledge and experience maximizes negotiating leverage, yielding correlative economic benefits to the fund sponsor, while enhancing the relationships between fund sponsors and lenders, throughout the market.